White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

A ready-made White Label exchange solution with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 600+ other popular digital assets.

Crypto Exchange Software

In order to provide businesses with the opportunity to have their own exchange, PTPWallet’s development team has created an exchange called IndexPairs, and it is strictly being offered to businesses as a white label.

Our platform has cloud exchange hosting, customizability, built-in liquidity, and fast time-to-market capabilities.

IndexPairs is based on PTPWallet. PTPWallet is suitable for a variety of businesses, including existing crypto exchanges looking to upgrade, IT companies, fintech firms seeking to offer additional crypto services, and entrepreneurs starting a new online business. With its advanced technology, PTPWallet is capable of supporting trading operations and the creation of new crypto-based business applications.

What We Offer

Modular Architecture

The modular architecture that IndexPairs is based on ensures smooth integration of new workflows and functions. This allows businesses to quickly expand and implement their newly-acquired solutions. All platforms running on IndexPairs use this modular architecture.

Non-Custodial Platform

Indexpairs/PTPWallet provides the highest level of security for digital assets. We have more than nine years of experience in the software development field. Our technology and architecture provide convenient and secure access to funds, and have built-in mechanisms to add additional security for long-term storage.

Enterprise Cloud Servers

Our solution is based on an in-house developed trading engine, designed to support all aspects of digital trading and the development of advanced fintech products. Our engine ensures efficient operation of our platform.

Crypto Wallet

Indexpairs has a built-in crypto wallet solution called PTPWallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies. The wallet also offers QR code support, i-transfers, and other methods for secure crypto transactions and payments.

Robust Security

Our white label IndexPairs cryptocurrency exchange is equipped with advanced security features that provide multi-level security measures to protect your digital assets and confidential data.

See IndexPairs in Action

Maximize your business's revenue with our crypto exchange white label solution. Check out the demo today.

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